Monday, 5 February 2018

Captions 628-631: Sarah and Kelly Part 1

Introducing Sarah and Kelly. A four post caption series. Ever second Monday for the next few weeks.
This story was inspired by a lovely lesbian couple (who had forced hetro and denial fantasies) that I once knew. Names and pretty much everything else has been changed. I hope they are well and still being kinky. 
I am really pleased with this story series, but maybe I am biased, 

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Male Chastity Captions!!

...will NOT be returning to this blog. BUT they will be going up on a new, dedicated Tumblr!

If male chastity captions are your thing please head over and give me a follow and a share. 
Daily captions starting in February! 

Monday, 29 January 2018

Caption 627: Female Orgasm Denial

You have a lot to look forward to...
I am uploading captions every Monday through until August! 
There is a big caption story coming, starting next week, following the misadventures of two lovely lesbians.
Also look out for some big news coming soon!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Fan Captions

Over recent months a few wonderful fans have started writing their own captions based on my world and creations. I find this truly flattering and support it fully, especially as I am not producing as many captions as you would like.
It is also good as these fan captions sometimes take a different approach to the ODTC products or TTcB uses. They also sometimes overlap into kinks or themes which don't really work for me. So this gives the readers more variety.
As far as I am aware every fan captioner has been in touch to ask me if it is okay for them to use my themes, I am touched by this gesture and have told them it is absolutely fine. My only request to them was to share a link back to this blog and to acknowledge that the work was not my own, partially because I wouldn't want a caption that I disagree with being attributed to me (though this is unlikely),   but mainly because I believe they should get full credit for the amazing work they have done and that I wouldn't want to take any of their well earned kudos.
I am absolutely delighted and astonished to have the themes, world and devices I have created become the subject of the writing of others, hopefully it will mean these fantasies will become timeless and grow beyond any one of us. To know that I was the catalyst for this fantasy theme, for this community and for these new caption writers is the best reward I could get.
Thank you to the new caption writers, the frequent commenters and of course to the manny many lurking fans who are steadily pushing my site visits towards two million! (1,966,257 as of writing this)

Please find links below to the fan caption blogs and Tumblrs.

Send me a comment or message if you are another caption writer who uses my creations and would like to be included on this list.